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Obama Is Giving Away The Keys To The White House – The UN SEA Treaty

Lord knows how much idiotic stuff is being put into this treaty but the stuff I’ve heard keeps me up at night because of the unconstitutional things they want to put in it.  Oh if you voted for Obama, I’d like you to kick yourself in the ass and admit your an idiot!!!  You probably should never vote again if we make it through this.

Remember Crap and Tax?  You know that bill that the Obama administration couldn’t get passed?  If that doesn’t ring any bells you definitely should never vote again.  This is a policy that will KILL the middle and lower classes in this country.  What crap and tax does it makes your electric bill sky rocket along with groceries and every product you use in your household.  It’s an added fee that we will get stuck paying tacked ontop of our electric bill.  Not only will you be paying yours but you’ll get stuck holding the bag when it comes to food and other items too because it took electricity to make them.  Oh it gets much better, because you see you will also pay this fee at the gas pump too.  Obama is putting a provision in the SEA treaty to force this rotting carcuss of a bill on the American Public since the Senate and Congress wouldn’t pass the bill.  Unlike the bill, the treaty only needs Senate approval and who has the majority in the Senate?  You got it!  The Dumbocrats.  Oh and just so you know, this is totally MINOR compared to the other things I heard.  The other thing is what keeps me up at night.

There will also be a provision that neuters the US government and gives more power to the United Nations.  That’s just what we need, a bunch of Communists, fascists, socialists, and Nazi’s making US policy.  As if we weren’t screwed up enough with the leftists within our borders, imagine how screwed we’ll be when the UN takes control of the US government.  The UN is a bunch of unelected people who are going to be given the power to tell our elected officials what to do.  Ain’t that so special….education?  Obama is pushing for a one world government through the UN.  Imagine this, Chavez could be writing US policy?  This thought drives me insane!

Oh it doesn’t stop there because they also want to include a small arms treaty under the SEA Treaty which will make it illegal to own small arms.  Obama knows the full congress won’t pass such a bill but he knows he’s got the Senate still.  After the passage, the government will confiscate all of your hand guns.

What in the hell happened to our watchdogs?  The media isn’t reporting this but I’m sure they are down with it and are keeping quiet so the US Senate can pass this quietly and act surprised when it happens.  This treaty is so unconstitutional that it shouldn’t be passed yet they are attempting to pass it in the dead of night.  Everything in the SEA treaty will be enforced just as if it were a constitutional amendment and the only way we can get out of the treaty is for it to expire or be disolved.

If these things aren’t cool in your opinion, you should probably contact your worthless senators and remind them of how they lost a bunch of their friends in 2010 when they passed Obamacare and got elected out of office?  The same can happen to them if they pass this assault on the United States Constitution.  You need to get tough with them.  Don’t threaten them, they are still senators and that’s illegal.  You can go to jail for theatening to harm a US Senator no matter how wrong they are.

Climategate 2.0

LOL.  Apparently, not all of the hacked emails were released last year because a new round has appeared and I don’t care what your feelings are about the hacked emails, they are showing massive deception campaign.  These emails show you exactly how crooked and how much these climatologists are bordering on fraud/conspiracy to commit fraud and other criminal activities.  If our government had anyone with balls on them, they’d be going after these criminals to ruin their careers but as it stands now, nobody will do anything to these criminals.

Well the only exception would be Michael Mann.  Authorities in PA are combing through these emails to make a case against Michael Mann because even within the global nut group, some say Michael Mann does some shady stuff.  Oh, I am so shocked *Said Sarcastically*.  Really?  Ya think?  All of these so-called scientists having been lying from the start so this comes as no shock to me.  Michael Mann couldn’t tell the truth if his tongue were notorized.  He’s a habitual liar just like the liberal messiah.  Even Al Gore is a habitual liar so you really can’t trust a damn thing these morons have to say.

You can read some of the statements on


The Truth About The Democrat Party, Minorities, Religion, and Global Warming

Democrats for years have been out there saying how they are more caring, deep thinkers, individuals who love minorities and care about people.  That is the lie of the century.  The only reason they love minorities is because minorities give them power.  Otherwise, they will treat you like they are treating Herman Cain.  Their love for you extends only to the point of which party you belong to.  In this post, I’m going to refer you to a video that proves the left in this country does not care about all minorities, if they did, we’d be hearing more about these issues in the news.  The liberal media isn’t saying a word about this and their silence reveals exactly how they feel about minorities.  They don’t want you to hear this video because it exposes lies that they’ve told you.

We’ve been hearing the left talk about Christianity and how it has been responsible for some bad things in our history.  The KKK (Militant Arm of the Democrat Party) has used the bible to justify their hatred of minorities, we had book burnings in the name of Christianity, cruel and unjust treatment happened in England during the dark ages courtesy of the Catholic Priests, etc.  All of that is out there in the open for anyone to see.  However, did you know that the left’s religion is Man-Made Global Warming?  Did you know people are dying in other countries in the name of global warming?  Apparently this has been going on, have we heard it on the news?  I haven’t.  The media isn’t forthcoming with these vile acts.  Where’s anmenesty International and the other leftist groups condemning these vile acts?  I haven’t heard one damn word from our leftist organizations that love minorities, have you?  Senator Inhofe is the only person raising red flags over these murders.  That says volumes about the left in this country.

Please watch the video and you’ll find out exactly how much the Democrat’s love you.  These people were heartlessly killed in the name of Man-made Global Warming yet nobody wants you to see these people’s story.  It makes me sick to my stomach to hear about these vile acts committed in the name of a hoax.  Families have been murdered so their government can steal their land.  So apparently, the left’s religion isn’t much different than Christianity.  Again, where is the outrage?

The Newest IPCC and Climate Idiot Scam

Wow, just when you thought these morons couldn’t get any more dishonest they do something to lower the bar even more.  Now the IPCC and the Obama administration are breaking the FOIA Request law by corresponding on non-governmental email addresses just so they can hide their correspondence without including it in the FOIA request.  Apparently, the IPCC are tired of people looking at their work and finding out what lying pieces of sh*t they are and how they cooked numbers and hand picked data.  I mean if the IPCC hates embarassment maybe they should start conducting honest scientific investigations and experiments instead of using junk science and cooking numbers.  They’ve stooped to misrepresenting items on their report but yet the deniers are the  dishonest ones.  You have to love the irony in that.  The deniers aren’t the ones that said the debate was over and they aren’t the ones that bent over and are now asking for a debate because people have proved their data is bullshit.  If it were up to me, the IPCC wouldn’t get a dime of taxpayers money.

The IPCC Has Just Lost All Credibility

I’ve said for years that man-made global warming was a scam yet I had the idiots want to argue their point about a scientific conscensus.  I brought up the fact that I could get 5 people to say something and have a conscensus and that it doesn’t make it true.  Then the mindless numbots began telling me I’m at war with science.  Over the last 7 years we’ve found out a lot about this so-called science.  We’ve found out that it truly wasn’t science.  Does this shock anyone?  We’ve found out that these so-called scientists have been cooking the numbers ever since this dumbass idea got out of hand.  They’ve tried everything, I’ll give them credit for that.  They’ve tried to inflate temperature readings since 1990 by 0.5 degrees Farenheidt, They’ve tried to claim that the medevil warming period wasn’t as warm as records indicated, then they claimed to have lost temperature data, we had the climategate emails come out.  The latest is the discovery that the IPCC was cooking data ontop of what the scientists were cooking.  Apparently, some of the data was not compiled by scientists at all.  It was provided by green peace activists with no scientific degree at all and the data was never in a consensus.  Does that surprise anyone?

You can read the original story here:

I find it hillarious that these so-called smart people are still out there trying to convince us that they are right even as most scientists predict we’re entering into an ice age. The only hope they have is that your too stupid to understand you can’t have warming and a ice age at the same time. So to break all this down for the dumbest of liberals to understand, man-made global warming is a scam to get funding for studies. It’s as real as Santa Clause and the tooth fairy. Maybe we need to get rid of all of the climate scientists and start all over with scientists who have integrity and honor. The climatologists we now have should be tried for fraud and have their credentials taken away from them. Apparently, they don’t know jack about their trade.

New York Times Shows Their True Colors

The NY times shows themselves for the gutless/spineless liberal cry rag that they are today.  A year ago during the climategate emails, they went on record saying they weren’t going to reprint the emails because they were illegally obtained and the public was never intended to see those emails.  However, the NY times don’t have a problem publishing illegally obtained classified documents.  This is the classic liberal hypocracy in action that always shows it’s ugly head on their cryrag publication.  The truth of the matter is that they considered exposing the global warming crowd’s lack of integrity would be akin to heresay.  The leftist at the NY times would not violate the tennants of the religion of man-made global warming by publishing them because it would be bad for the leftists.  Publishing leaked classified documents is bad for America and they have absolutely no problem with that because they consider that good for their religion.  however, I’d have to say that they have this wrong.  What the leaking of these documents does is show how inept the Obama administration is when it comes to national security.  apparently it also shows how inept Obama is at maintaining friendships throughout the world.  We never had this much leaking of documents during the Bush administration.

Don’t Feel Sorry For Democrats!

Moe Lane has a brilliant article on  I have to agree with him on all of his points.  Basically the nuts and bolts of the article is don’t feel sorry for them and we should treat them like they treated us after the last election because:

The people who lose this election:

- told every Republican he/she hates

    -  African-Americans, Latinos, Gays, Women, Jews, Muslims, The Poor, and America

- The people who lose this election says Republicans are:

    -  Fascists, theocrats, stupid, uneducated, hate mongers, insane, and violent extremists

- They also called you:

    — unpatriotic and cowards

- Additionally they attempted to mock you everytime they got a chance, deliberately used a sexual slur when referring to you, and trivialized and dismissed every concern you had about how they are running this country.

Now these people are blaming you because they are losing, talk about sore losers.  If these nimwits and dumb sh*ts were ever honest with themselves, they’d know to blame themselves. 

There are people out there saying we shouldn’t kick Democrats because they are down or get angry but I say why bother?  After all they have done to the voters in this country maybe they need to be knocked down from elitest to chump status because they have made a mess.  They are like my dog.  Sometimes accidents happen but I still rub their nose in it so they will learn.  Maybe this is what is needed.  These elitest need to understand that they served at OUR pleasure and we’re not exactly pleased about the crappy job they have done.  These people believe we were lucky to have them to make decisions for us.  Some of these idiots have gone as far as to refer to voters as Homer Simpson.  You should be angry!!

If you’d like to read the original post just click here.

Now We Have Satellitegate

The shoes keep dropping on the man-made global warming movement.  In fact they are starting to look like Imelda Marcos’ closet with all the shoes that have dropped.  NOAA has dropped all satellite images from their website because they got caught cooking the numbers.  Now they are saying this dishonesty is the reason that climate models aren’t accurate.  You can read the article here.

Again, this so called scientific clusterf*ck is threatening to kill our economy.  Is it really worth it?  Hell no, it’s not worth it.  These people should be taken to court and charged with fraud.  NOAA should be disbanded and fined for it’s contribution to this fraudelent boondoggle.  Again, it’s stupid stuff like this that yields the truth man-made climate change because these idiots made it up in their offices instead of fact.  These greedy people don’t care one iota about facts or the damn climate.  They just want to use it to bilk taxpayers out of our hard earned money so they can further the fraud.  They try to insult me by saying I’m at war with science?  Nice try but I’m at war with stupidity.  There is a difference!

Global Warming Fanatics Need Mental Health Treatments

Clearly you can see how bad these people need mental health counseling.  Apparently, they aren’t happy scientist’s dastardly deeds have been exposed.  Such things as adding 0.5 to the thermometer reading or more, attempting to act like the Medevil Warming Period does not exist, and attempting to make us think that 3% human generated CO2 is going to end the world when the truth is that our 3% on the world would resemble a pimple on Rosie O’Donnell’s big butt.  The truth is that the idiots have been caught doing some dishonest things, saying dishonest things, and attempting to bilk taxpayers out of millions of dollars.  Yet when caught, nobody goes to jail.  That’s pretty amazing considering we’ve gone after others for less than that.  This is their lousy attempt to fear monger everyone back into compliance because they are too stupid to know when the scam has run it’s course.  The big money pulled out of the movement when they found out the IPCC was going to get their butts handed to them by a inspection team.  They produced this advertisement, in bad taste, because they are desperate to revive the dead corpse known as man-made global warming. 

This video shows how nazi like the movement really is.  They believe that people who don’t believe in their fairytale should be killed off.  I believe these scientists should be tried for fraud.  They are attempting to commit fraud against the government and the citizens and they should be locked up with big Bubba.

Sub-Prime Carbon Bubble Bursts

I finally found several articles that made me smile. One of them is that the Chicago’s Climate Exchange has dropped 50% based on the way the wind is blowing when it comes to man-made climate change.  People are speculating the drop is because the IPCC is getting taken to the wood shed over its imcompetent reporting of science.  In my view, this has been a long time coming.  These people have been out of control ever since they started.  They have had some real problems with factual information and fictional information. 

Liberal love to say Conservative Republicans are at war with science but according to the IAC’s own report, some of the things that the IPCC has been reporting are a far stretch from being “Scientific Fact.”  Statements like the Himalayan glaciers will melt by 2035 when most experts are saying 2053.  They have been able to make all of these claims yet there was no scientific study or scientific anything that backed them up.  So I have no problem being “At War” with science when it’s not science, it’s a complete lie.  There are consequences when the truth has been stretched so far that it eventually has to snap back and sting you right between the eyes.

Among those consequences, the IAC is suggesting the IPCC make lot’s of changes from how they report to suggesting the head of the Climate Change IPCC step down.  I wonder if Al Gore lost some money in the Sub-Prime Carbon Bubble bust.


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