Yes I said a shamed Congress!  They’re so busy fighting between themselves that they can’t do basic congressional work.  That must be why they’ve shortened their work week and have already headed home for the holidays.

Their so busy trying to get failed legislation shoved down the President’s throat that they’ve started too much in-house bickering to get medial tasks accomplished.  Honestly, other than raising minimum wage, I really can’t count that many success stories from Congress but every day reminds me of that movie “Groundhog Day” when it comes to them.

If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were smart, they’d have gone through all the proposals that everyone agreed on first then try to tackle the stuff that was harder to get through.  Instead we’ve seen initiatives to end the Iraq War several times and each time it get’s shot down at the president’s office.  We’ve seen a children’s health care initiative that was expanded to cover 18-25 y/o’s shot down and Congress attempted to pass a overide vote and they failed.  Which resulted in Senator Stark having to apologize to veterans over his comments because he said something over the line.  Both Senators are starting to prove to all of us that Beavis and Butthead really did make it through life and are alive and well in the halls of congress.  Heck, their own party members are starting to abandon them and vote with the Republicans.  Obviously their both not too bright because after they gave the president a war budget that they knew he didn’t want they also sent a bill to give out 20 Million dollars in earmarks thinking he’d approve that…guess what, he didn’t.

Harry Reid attempted to have Rush Limbaugh fired but even that backfired on him.  Instead, Rush raised a lot of money for the Marine Law Enforcement Foundation with his letter.  Not satisfied that Rush would have the last word, he goes on C-span 2 and acted like he was in cahoots with Rush the whole time. 

In short, I haven’t seen much of a difference between a episode of Beavis and Butthead and Congress’ performance this year.