Heather Mills in a radio interview said that everyone should start drinking rat milk.  Where some people may be willing to substitute cow milk for rat milk, I’m not!

However, I personally think she was being sarcastic about the whole thing.  My personal belief is that global warming is a scam.  I believe we should protect the planet, but when I see 3 of the so called scientist admitting to inflating numbers, I tend to disbelieve the whole thing.  When we start fudging the numbers it turns scientific fact into scientific fiction.

Then I see the major proponents of the messengers flying on old jets that are worse for environment and see them taking limo’s all over the place, this makes me disbelieve the point all together.  The day I see Al Gore’s fat @ss riding a bicycle to work then maybe I’ll take it more seriously.  Otherwise, what I see is a group of rich people telling me that I can’t fly because of the environment while they jump on their jumbo jet’s to go places.

Maybe some of you have an explanation as to why everyone seems to ignore the 3 scientist that have admitted to fudging the numbers and still swear that global warming is real?  I have no ideas other than the individuals involved have a problem with circumstances changing and their opinions don’t change with it.

I understand we could be faced with this issue but I disbelieve anyone who taps on Al Gores report and says here’s your proof.  I think that it cheapened the Nobel prize by awarding Al Gore one.  What’s next?  Michael Crook get’s one?