He’s an attention whore who will say things just to get a rise out of people not because he honestly believes these things.   He’s not actually intelligent enough to know when to shut his mouth.  He’s a pathalogical liar who couldn’t tell the truth if his tongue were personally notorized by F.E. Bailey.  Other than that, I’d probably get kicked off WordPress for saying what I really feel about Michael.

In a series of emails I had with him, he said one day he’ll get to spit in a veterans face or a widow’s face to which I told him to bring it don’t sing it.  I’m a veteran and I’d take pleasure in the beating he’d get when he attempts to spit in my face.  Pretty much like a $20 call girl, he’d be swallowing all of that and pretty much choking on it.  At 43 years old, I’m still in better shape than he was in at 20.

His latest shameful tirade is laughing at the girl who hung herself after her ex-friends parents drove her to it.  The parents should be ashamed of themselves.  He’s also continuously laughing at dead soldiers and making fun of them.  In my last email, I explained to Michael that imagine your standing in a line.  If one soldier dies, you take 1 step forward.  I assured him, he won’t be laughing when he reaches the front of the line.  I also told him that before he get’s any not-so-brilliant ideas of running towards Al Quaeda soldiers with his gun over his head that someone will shoot him in the head.