Michael Crook wants everyone to believe he’s outed himself on purpose.  Yeah right!  Here’s a BOY who has told so many lies he can’t seem to remember what drivel is truth and what drivel is lies.  I’m sure he’s reached a point in his pathetic life that the lines between truth and lies sort of melts together and he really can’t tell the difference.

He didn’t post my comment on his blog because I called  him a pathalogical liar who couldn’t tell the truth if F.E. Bailey personally notorized his tongue and I made reference to the Liar competition and told him he missed his opportunity to prove he’s a good liar.  For once, he could have won.  However, he posts responses telling him he should kill himself.  I’d be highly skeptical about him posting on his website that he’s died because he’s already done that 5 times. 

He likes to use his blog to point out deaths and how stupid the corpse was as it relates to how they died.  There’s plenty of responses on his blog citing how stupid he is but understand this.  He wants people to do that.  He wants people to hate him and he wants to push his pathetic biography which was rated lower than a book about living with Herpes.  How’s that for being seen as a loser?  Why else would he fake his death 5 times?  All 5 times he portrayed it as being taken out by military soldiers.  He believes by pulling fake death stunts that he’s drawing people into wanting to read his biography or maybe his book about how the holocaust never happened. 

To prove my claim he’s an attention whore, all I have to do is point at how many blogs he wrote over the holidays.  He picked subjects for his blogs that would piss off 90% of the population.  He recognizes the holiday isn’t about Michael, it’s about family coming together and being thankful so he felt he needed to get his pop shots in so that people don’t forget about him.  The 10% of the population that isn’t offended by his blog are people that are just as mentally ill as he is.