Ok, this is a defining moment that brands Bill Clinton an idiot and hall of shame worthy.  What I mean is that he has come out publicly and basically said “I was for the Iraq war before I was against it.”  This is not the exact wording but the words he chose are simular.  Well I admit that John Kerry wasn’t the first to use such a line.  I believe it was Slick Willie himself that said “I smoked Marijuana but I didn’t inhale.”  Sure you didn’t Bill, just like “You didn’t have sexual relations with Monica.”  When that scandel broke out, I firmly expected something original out of Bill like “I had sex with monica but I didn’t enjoy it.”

I also almost choked on my drink when I read where he said he’d like the opportunity to support the troops.  Anyone who survived the Clinton Presidency knows him and Hillary did not like the military.  I resent the fact that during his presidency, I was told that we may not be able to pay you next pay day but you still have to come to work.  In fact, if Bill and Hillary supports you at anything you do, you most certainly will feel two hands (Maybe even both sets of hands)on your shoulder because that usually means their going to screw you.  If you think I’m lying ask Al Gore.  Bill WAS going to endorse Al Gore but didn’t because his wife was running for a Senate seat at the same time.

Also during his presidency there were rumors afloat that the Clintons were offended by a military uniform.  But that was then, NOW he supports the military and the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, and santa are partying at the north pole.  Give me a break, he supports the troops with both hands on their shoulder like he did with Al Gore.

For the record, I laugh each and every time Bill and Hillary have to remind the American public and the other candidates that Hillary is a woman.  It’s hypocritical to say the least.  Hillary is running a full court press using smear tactics and when they are shoved into her court, Bill comes out and says the boys are playing rough.  No, I beg to differ.  There is an old saying that maybe the Clintons should be aware of.  It’s the saying that says “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”  If Hillary is out there running smear campaigns don’t you think she deserves some back?

Let’s not forget all of this experience Hillary has in politics.  Let’s see here, she’s a woman, she’s a mother, she had sex with Bill, She’s a Senator (BUT she’s done nothing noteworthy as a Senator), Hmmm, I’m not seeing a lot of experience here.  As far as her sleeping with Bill, last time I checked that wasn’t an exclusive club or anything.  I’m not exactly seeing experience here.  Maybe the left thinks Hillary swallowed the experience over the years Monica Lewensky style.  NOTE:  Qualifications listed here are ones that angry liberals has said on various radio talk shows.  I’ve never once said I believe in any of those qualifications.  Yes Bill, I like a dumb blond every now and then too but certainly not as the next president!  I want intelligence in that office.  I want someone with a spine in there that does not flip flop as public opinions change.  I want someone who says this is what I believe and will not change his mind as often as they change their clothes.  I also think the person should be able to take new information and make their opinions evolve and then tell us (The Public) why they changed their minds on the issue.  Not just flip flop mid debate.