I’m back from my Holiday vacation hell.  To say it bluntly, after my holiday I look forward to hearing the out of tune/untrained voices that will be singing all night for the next 3 days as we get ready to have a talent contest.

I should have known the fact I had a blowout 15 minutes before I arrived in Irving was just the start of the vacation from Hell.

I am staying put for the next year and not going anywhere again for a while.  I’m planning on going to the Golden Coral to eat Christmas dinner as I hate eating turkey for weeks after the holiday.  My kids know they can always come here for Christmas and I don’t intend on having any holidays with the outlaws for a while. 

I am exactly the same guy that blogs here.  I am not about to piss on your shoes and try to convince you it’s raining.  I’m not and never have been a racist and when I hear someone talking about stuff like that, I’m out of there.  Provided I can get my wife to leave there with me.  I’ll expand on this later in this blog.

Someone attempted to insult my intelligence and lie to both me and himself when he made the comment that my wife was the sole reason him and his wife weren’t getting along.  We’ve seen him less than 30 days this year and most of that was because my father-in-law was in the hospital.  However, I know the real story.  The real reasons, the marital bliss is gone is:

He got laid off from his job.  Instead of going to find another job, he chose to sit on his ass and watch the price is right for 2 years.  For that 2 years, his wife worked 12-14 hour days trying to pay all of the bills.  For that 2 years, he lied about searching for a job.  For that 2 years, my daughter helped pay his bills because he is family.  Otherwise, they’d have been out on the streets.   I chose to take the high road and not mention his past failures to him.

She can’t take him anywhere without him embarrassing her.  She took him to a Philippine gathering and made rude comments about the food not being up to par.  Then began refusing a soda.  Guess the sodas weren’t up to par either.  If that weren’t enough, he started demanding to leave after being there 5 minutes.  In other words, even if she was having a good time he feels he should be controlling where she goes and how long she spends there because he’s not having a good time and dammitt it’s all about me!  Of course that’s going to cause problems especially if she is visiting with friends.

The smallest portion of his problems are that he knows my wife is mentally ill.  Why listen to her?  I don’t.  My wife will threaten to kill me and then 5 minutes later is holding my hand.  She’s also in the same breath claimed she was president nixon, a gay guy, and god.  You know up front she’s not mentally well but why give her any validation by fighting with her.  Your not going to win an argument, debate, or anything else arguing with a crazy person.  She wasn’t like this when I married her but I’ll assure you I’ve done nothing to cause this.  We got married on 27 Nov 85, and she was as normal as anyone else.  Her mental illness didn’t appear until 97.

I listened to him trying to inform me that Mexicans are lazy and while I can’t control my thoughts…my thoughts were at least the latino’s have a job and didn’t take 2 years off work to watch the f*cking price is right.  I didn’t say anything I was thinking because it would have added to the already too dramatic vacation hell.  Again, I took the high road.

Of the two of us, I’m at least intelligent to know that it doesn’t really matter if I go there for Christmas or not.  I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.  I know that by refusing to go, my kids and my sister-out-law will get pissed at my brother-out-law and put so much pressure on him that he’ll call and personally invite me back.  However, I’m intelligent enough to know that if I do go, Holiday vacation from hell #2 is coming, so why go there?  I don’t need added stress, I don’t need to be part of his need for drama, and I certainly don’t need the frustration of dealing with the wife’s desire to stay somewhere that she’s not wanted.

By Monday, I really wanted to go home.  My agreement with my wife was that if her sister wanted her to stay until Christmas she could.  However, considering everything that happened, it was in her best interest to leave.  I explained everything and she still wanted to stay.  By Tuesday, I’d never wanted to leave anywhere more than I wanted to leave that day.  I had to wait until my wife went to the bathroom and grab her bags and put them in the trunk.  She got in the car but she was vocally abusing me to which she got a “Shut The F*ck Up” from me.  Five minutes after leaving the outlaws, she was holding my hand as I drove back last night.  By the way, I don’t think this is how a wedding anniverssary should be spent.  Never spend this day with outlaws.  It goes along the same lines as arguing with an idiot.  They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with superior experience since that is the level that they operate on.

One last thing about my brother-out-law, he has switched to being a angry liberal now.  He’s adopted their gloom and doom views without question.  Guess he drank the koolaid they were offering him.  I’d go as far to say “He switched because he has a son in Iraq.”  As far as me, my son did 2 tours of duty in Iraq before he got out.  I did not change my point of view of the world because of it.  He believes Hillary or Obama is going to get us out of Iraq.  He’s setting himself up for more abused liberal syndrome because it’s probably not going to happen.  The Democratic party has denied that the surge has worked all the while liberal media is reporting that the surge has succeeded. 

So instead of maning up and admitting he played a VERY major role in his failing marriage, he’s attempting to insult my intelligence by placing the blame 100% on my wife when she has nothing to do with his attitude.  Until he comes to the brilliant realization that his conduct has caused this, the problems will not go away by themself.  Until this happens, the situation is in what I call the “Dogsh*t Syndrome.”  You know someone stepped in it because you can smell it.  Everyone denies having stepped in it until you make them check their shoes.

He did get caught in another lie on Friday when he told his wife, he was going to visit her dad.  What’s next is it my fault I told the truth that you didn’t go to see Victoriano?  Or was ESP supposed to kick in and I was supposed to know I was supposed to lie for you? 

Although this is in no way a complete play by play but it shows how my holiday hell was spent.  I could have had a V8 and some Russian Vodka or egg nog and 151 rum and had a better holiday at home.  I definitely am thankful for some things this year but the top of the list is “I’m thankful I live 3 hours away.”