Ok, here we go again.  Whether they knew it or not, CNN brought a member of Clinton’s gay and transgendered steering committee to sit in the audience and they selected one of his questions to ask at their debate.

Hillary said he didn’t plant people in her audiences and after discovering her camp did that, she said she’d never do it.  Whether she said invite this guy and CNN did it, the end result was the same.

Suprisingly enough, Clinton wasn’t the only candidate with plants in the audience.  None of the conservatives had plants in the audience.  This is a disgusting tactic and it shows us how low their willing to go to get elected.

The questions in the debate were all subjects that most of us could care less about.  They even discussed the Confederate flag.  That’s not a current issue in the US!  They failed to cover the issues that are important.  They didn’t discuss taxes, terrorism, government spending, earmarks, policies, etc.  It was a waste of tv time and it was a waste of voters time to listen to it.  They talked about gays in the military.  That definitely isn’t a high priority issue.  You almost expect to see the candidates in their underwear singing kuhm baye Yah around the campfire at the end of the debate.

The funny thing was that CNN denies knowing about the plants in the audience.  Sure you didn’t obviously the winks from the candidates didn’t give that away.