If you don’t believe their self destructing keep watching.  There is no credible or respectable leadership within their party.  Nobody is on the same page.  Pelosie and Reid say the surge didn’t work but Murtha says it did work.  They can’t get their party unified enough to vote on bills.  They’ve invested their party views in defeat.  Both Reid and Pelosie remind me of Beavis And Butthead because nobody else seems to be listening to them.  I hope people have been keeping track of everything they promised that they would do and everything they actually accomplished.  Their first year in power has been disgraceful to say the very least.  They’ve paraded kids in front of the cameras, they’ve all nighters in the congress, they’ve been openly hostile towards the president on camera and sucked up to him in private.  It should come as no surprise that this congress has the lowest approval rating in history.

They’ve tried to shove amnesty down our throats on 2 seperate occassion and failed miserably.  They tried to get us out of Iraq multiple times and have failed.  They attempted to assault our intelligence when they tried to force the SCHIP program down our throats and they failed at that too.  First off, they tout the plan would protect kids but it also covered 18-25 y/o’s.  Last time I checked these are capable adults.  The only instance I’d support 18-25 y/o’s is if their in college.  If their living at home and mooching off their parents then maybe they shouldn’t be covered.  This would give them motivation to go to college or figure out a job in which they can get health coverage instead of working at burger king or mcdonalds.  Instead a congressman had to apologize for his antics before Congress because veterans (Like me) demanded an apology through our congressmen and congresswomen.