How many nasty incidents must happen before politicians get the problem?  We’ve had 3 high profile cases where a mentally ill person quit taking their drugs and became dangerous. 

Right now, the policy here in Texas is you have to prove their dangerous first.  If you can’t prove that then you can’t force them into treatment.  The last 3 high profile cases there were no warning signs as to what they were planning.  The Virginia Tech shootings happened because the mental health system allowed him to purchase the weapons.  The same system allowed him to get out of the hospital and quit taking medication that could have prevented the trajedy from happening in the first place.  Until the mental health professionals start pushing politicians, absolutely nothing will change.

I understand the US allows these people to get off their happy pills because they have a right to not take them but they also need to recognize that the general public has a right to live.  I say the masses rights should override the mentally ill person’s rights.  This should go by severity of the problem.  If someone is experience depression, I’ve got no problem with them not taking their meds.  If they’re manic depressive bi-polar or Schitzophrenic, maybe the government should crack down on these people.

As it stands right now, in order to get my wife the help she needs, I have to be able to prove she’s a threat to herself or others first, then I have to have her examined by 2 psychiatrists.  I can’t get her to see 1 much less 2.  The system is broken and nobody seems to want to violate a mentally ill person’s rights even if “their rights” impedes on others rights.  In the same tone though, if they committ a crime while in a psychotic state everyone wines that they didn’t know what they were doing.  That may be the case, however, they made a conscious decision to quit taking their medications.  The end result is they voluntarily committed the crime.

As of now, politicians like to bury their heads in the sand to the problem but let’s be honest here, the problem isn’t going anywhere until it’s solved.  In a ways, it reminds me of slick Willie’s presidental career.  Al Quaeda attacks and slick willie was consistant about burying his head in the sand or up his backside, either way that problem is still with us.