I think it’s shameful that more celebrities have flown to South America to visit Hugo Chavez than have flown to Iraq or Afghanistan.  Reguardless of Hollywood’s views on the wars, the military is a non-political branch of government.  We didn’t decide for ourselves that we wanted to be in Iraq.  The War in Afghanistan overall most people agree we should be there.

I always send World Wrestling Entertainment thanks for going over once a year to entertain the troops.  I don’t have to but I believe in thanking them for doing something that most entertainers won’t do.  Vince McMahon takes a planeful of his wrestlers over to do a special show once a year for the troops.  They normally go during the Christmas holidays and those wrestlers go make themselves available to the troops.  Some going into dangerous areas to visit with the troops.  This is an annual thing that the WWE does to show their support for the troops. 

Hollywood needs to get over it.  The troops are not there because they decided they feel a need to conquor a middle east country, they’re there because they were told to go there by the politicians in this country.  It’s the Jane Fonda’s, Sean Penn’s, Tim Robbins, and Rosie (Too big for my britches) O’Donnell’s that blame the troops for the war.  They need an extraction team to pull their heads out of their butts.  These Hollywood stars won’t agree to go to the middle east to meet the troops because they don’t get paid as much as they think their worth by the USO.

Their entitled to their point of views.  However, don’t go complaining because these troops refuse to go see your movies.  If the troops and their families don’t watch your movies, how will you maintain your star status?  Hollywood stars are sometimes too stupid to realize that Hollywood runs on the principle of Supply and Demand.  If people lose interest in seeing your movies pretty soon, you wind up not getting calls to act in any movies.  Hanoi Jane knows this first hand but sort of like the cat on the kitchen table, she doesn’t learn these things the first time.  In my neighborhood, we refer to these people as ignorant.