I posted this to see if I’d have any takers on comments but this is how I look at this.  Right or Wrong, I think this is what the poll suggests.

Most liberals spend time worrying about GTMO detainees being waterboarded, they worry about us toturing detainees, they spend time worrying about Global Warming, they spend time worrying about the immoral war in Iraq, they spend time worrying about us starting a war with Iran, they spend time delving into class warefare, they spend time trying to figure out how to steal money from the rich to pay for more government services, they spend time trying to figure out each American families “Fare Share” of the taxes, they spend time yelling and screaming about civilian casualties in our 2 wars, they spend time attacking politicians that doesn’t agree with them or their ideas, they spend time attacking Conservative Talk radio for downplaying their worries, etc.  All of this stuff creates unhappiness.  They’ve surrounded themselves with doom and gloom.  They get unruly when the politicians talk about monitoring incoming calls from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. 

Conservatives on the other hand could care less how the troops are treating detainees.  I couldn’t be bothered with such topics.  I don’t mind because the detainees don’t matter to me.  I’m skeptical of both sides of the Global Warming discussion.  I could care less if the CIA is listening to my phone calls as there is nothing to listen to really.  It’s not like I’m having phone sex or anything.  I listen to conservative radio and often agree with the majority of what is said.  I view the Iraq war as justified just due to the fact’s that Saddam was locking their weapons system on our planes flying in the no-fly zone.  He also funded terrorist organizations that killed Americans.  If your as honest with yourself as I am, you’d look into the Al Quaeda components strategies.  Their strategies are to start fire fights in civilian areas so that they can create hate and discontent about the civilians death toll.  Most of the issues that democrats worry over, doesn’t really bother me so I rate my mental health as excellent!  I don’t worry about the stuff I can’t change.  I only worry about the stuff that affects me, my family, my friends, my neighbors, my city, and my state.  This probably explains why I could care less if Muhamed is getting beat with a phone book or having water shoved into his mouth.  In fact, I sleep better at night knowing that their detained in GTMO or as I called it when I was there Shitmo.