Dingy Harry has decided to sabotage bi-partisan relations by calling Republican Senate members “Puppets for the White House.”  This will stall all bills including spending bills that the president has called out congress on.  He did this just so he can sit back and say it’s not our fault, your republicans refuse to work with us to accomplish these bills.  It does not take a PHD in political genius to figure their strategy out.  It’s just more political bullshit drama from a party that can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to drama.  Dingy Harry also may have violated a senate law in the process of insulting the Republications.

Democrats get annoyed when Republicans call them angry liberals but it’s indeed the truth.  Why else would Dingy Harry attempt his current strategy?  How’s this for a thought, the Democrats like to say we need to use diplomacy to end the world’s problems.  Where does that novel idea fit into the way they’re attempting to insult the Republications.  It doesn’t that’s my point.  They like to say we need to use diplomacy in dealing with Iran but they can’t walk the walk in the senate.

Dingy Harry is proof that Beavis or Butthead did finally graduate high school and are alive and well in the halls of the US Senate.