Hillary is feeling heat over a twisted issue.  Seems the candidates don’t have one foot on reality.  They’re taking issue will Hillary voting to declare The Iranian elite guard a terrorist organization because Iran isn’t producing Nuclear weapons.  Let’s face reality here, the reason The Iranian Elite Guard was declared a terrorist organization was not because they were attempting to establish a nuclear program but because they were training Al Quaeda and supplying them with IEDs.  How much more pathetic can the democrats get?  They can’t even stick to facts because everyone is vying for the lunatic left’s vote.  You got it folks, these are the democrats that said they’ll be tough on defending our country to prevent further terror attacks.  Yes right, and the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, and santa are all alive and well and partying in the north pole right now cause if you believe what the democrats are trying to feed you then you’d believe that too!

As much as I dislike Hillary, even I have to ask WTF to this and stand up for her.  They can’t keep the issues straight so how are they going to run the country?