The Demorats had a problem with the NIE intel report that said Iraq/Sadam had nukes.  They argued with it and accused President Bush of “Cooking the books.”  After discovering that the information was incorrect, they accused Bush of lying to them.  Now fast forward to today.

They are willing to swear by another report that says Iran quit their nuclear program back in 2003.  In fact, 6 months ago, they said that Iran was producing Nuclear material.  Why the change of opinion?  Most of the data used is classified information so we’ll never see it but I sure hope politicians have the intelligence to review the classified reports in lieu of taking their word for it.

If this is the result of political manuvering, I will want heads on platters!  This is not like running 6 year olds in front of cameras to demand health insurance.  This is serious business.  If Iran hasn’t stopped building a nuclear arsenal there is consequences to the world as we know it.  There are news reports that all of the writers are anti-Bush types and have an agenda.  If they have downplayed intelligence, I think they should be charged with treason and sent to Club GITMO.

I’d even encourage the Democrats to look at the source documents for the intel report.  We (The US) can’t afford bad intel reports and sloppy reporting.  My biggest fear is that this report is the Democrats way to offset us declaring the Iranian Elite Guard as a terrorist organization.  If this is the case, then this is the most reckless way to dispute the fact they are supporting Al Quaeda.