I’ve been listening to the angry baseball enthusiasts as it relates to Barry Bonds and how they want an asterisk next to his records in baseball because he used steroids.  I think that it is hypcritical.  First off, steroids was legal back when Hank Aaron achieved his record.  Can we prove he didn’t use them?  No we can’t and we may never know if he was “Juiced up.”

Now there is another list of names being circulated on baseball players and it’s a much bigger list of baseball stars that have admitted to using Human Growth Hormones (HGH).  For those that don’t know, HGH isn’t detectable through testing and you may never be able to prove this is present one way or another.  So should we asterisks all of the teams/players that admitted to using HGH?  This is a extensive list and includes the top of the top of the players on all of the teams.

So basically now it’s not just Barry Bonds cheating it’s all of the top players in baseball.  Should they all be fired?  Your going to be losing guys like Roger Clemens, Mark McGuire, etc. 

Pro Wrestling was faced with this delima and they suspended most  of the wrestlers that they could prove had purchased HGH through internet drug companies and fired 1 individual over it.  The one that got fired was on his third suspension for it and they have a 3 strikes your out rule.