Yesterday the democrats sat around pointing fingers at each other saying your the sole person who caused us to fail.  I am intelligent enough to end their fighting.  If any of our democratic representations ever played a sport or been in the military, they too would be smart enough to end the fighting.  There is a novel idea called team win team loss.  In other words, it really doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, it is a democratic failure.  That’s how the nation views it. 

Every one of those Democrats wants to be the star so instead of working together, their working against each other.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a Global Warming Scientist to figure that out.  Every one of those guys are trying to outshine the group.

How do they fix it?  They have to put their “Me” complexes aside and work together.  It’s called teamwork for a reason.  In the bigger scheme of things We can do more than I can.  Then again, if these idiots would put in their proper place, we may not be having the problems we’re having with them.  Everyone wants to be endorsed by  “F*ck”, you guys have bigger stuff to do for the “American People.”  You remember those guys, their the ones that put your dumbass in the congress in the first place.

Steny Hoyer is so busy trying to kiss’s @ss that he’s willing to do anything including trying to ban waterboarding.  Why?  We have saved lives using waterboarding and it has prevented more Al Quaeda attacks in the US.  Personally, waterboarding would be like going to disneyland if I was in charge of their camel riding @sses.  This shows me that the Democrats are outraged that American lives were saved.  It makes people like me say WTF?

Harry Reid is so busy kissing everyone’s @ss that he doesn’t realize how stupid he really looks.  He was smooching’s butt when he composed anatomy of a smear letter to Rush.  Also since Hillary owns media matters, Harry took time to smooch hillary’s backside too. 

Nancy Pelosie shares in the shame too cause she’s shamelessly kissing, her liberal constituents, and Media Matters butt’s with an occassional stop to kiss on George W. Bush’s butt. 

It’s really no mystery as to why the Democrats have failed time in and time out this year.