Al Gore finally has started going green.  He’s made a lot of updates to his Nashville, TN mansion.  Finally he’s starting to do some things but is he really?  Even with his green upgrades, he’s still spending more on utilities than I do.  My highest electric bill in the summer was $130 this year.  He was paying over $1,000 on electricity.  He is probably down to about $800 or so now.  He’s going to hook up his heated indoor swimming pool and that’s supposed to drive his electric bill down even further.

While he’s trying to silence his critics, he’s done a few upgrades but the bottom line is that he’s still going to pay more for electricity than me.  Yes he’s telling me I have to sacrifice.  His only sacrafice is money.  He spent millions to upgrade his house but he’s still doing more damage than I am so he’s sacraficing money not convienence or comfort.  So if I do nothing about my electric consumption, I too, am sacraficing money while maintaining comfort and convienence.  Isn’t it funny how this all comes together.  I feel green now.