Yes You’ve got it, they want us to turn off our lights, TVs, and radio’s for 1 hour March 29th at 8pm – 9pm.  So, um what are we supposed to do for that hour?  Aimlessly drive around in our SUV’s?  See how many hair spray cans we can empty in the hour?  Go around feeding cows stuff to increase their flatulence? 

If they were the geniuses they say they are, they’d have made the hours 6pm-7pm so that people could use that as an excuse to go out to eat but absolutely nobody goes out that late in the evening for dinner.  Also if they did it earlier it wouldn’t matter because it’s still light outside therefore iliminating the need for lights in the first place. 

Just to prove my point, I’m going to show how ill-conceived this is.  They discount the fact that most of us shut off all of our lights and turn the thermostadt down when we leave for work.  The only thing sucking electricity in my house is the refrigerator.  Now I’ll challenge everyone involved in Global Warming to match my electric bill for the summer.  My highest electric bill this summer was $140.  Not even Mr. Global Warming himself can match that.  So it should come as no surprise that I personally have no intention of participating in this event.  Mr. Global Warming, Al Gore, should participate in it as his electric bills are over $1,200 a month.  The nuts out in Hollywood should participate in it since their electric bills logically are probably as high as Al Gore’s if not more.