This guy must be homosexual.  Are you kidding me?  Ladies night is alright with me.  Let’s face it the bar is giving ladies drink specials to bring them in so you can maybe increase your dating successes.  It’s as American as apple pie.  Otherwise, it would be a bar full of dudes drinking instead of sweet talking to the ladies, dancing, and trying to cop a feel.

I’m using my best gay voice here…Mr. Walker, that discriminates against us gay people and your condoning it!  Back to my normal deep southern accent…and your point is?  Let’s face it, you can go out to YOUR bars and have the same drink specials.  Here’s a novel idea if your offended by Heterosexual’d society go hang out at bars that cater to gay people.

I’m not here knocking gay people but what I am saying is that legally there is nothing you can do to stop ladies night.  If we stop ladies night then we have to stop the elderly from getting discounts at resturants, we have to stop kids eating for free…where do we stop after that?