Ok, seems Bill Clinton can’t stop sticking his foot in his mouth.  He says that it would take a miracle for Hillary to win Iowa.  That’s not the point I oppose.  He later in the article starts touting Hillary’s experience and Obama’s lack of experience.  I vehemently oppose the pot calling the kettle back…no pun intended.

Obama has served in local government for a while and the federal government.  I’m not saying it’s a all inclusive career but he has served in other government positions.

Let’s look at Hillary’s career.  She’s never ran a business, she’s never been in local politics, and she’s only been a senator 1 full term and part of a 2nd term.  Now where is her experience?  Oh I know she managed “Bimbo Eruptions.”  If your not familiar with “Bimbo Eruptions,” allow me to explain.  If a female came out and accused Bill of having an affair, Hillary hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on the lady.  Then Hillary publicly told the world all of the dirt that the private invesigator found on these ladies.  She aired Monica’s dirty laundry and well it kind of backfired because Monica saved Bill’s DNA on her dress.  Hillary failed to intimidate Monica but up until then, she successfully intimidated all of the ladies that accused slick willie of inproprieties.

I’m going to go out on the line and say that Hillary may have been active in advising Slick Willie in the White House, but Bill hasn’t allowed the public access to his paperwork.  According to Bill, he hasn’t had time to sort through all of the old papers yet.  Well it’s almost been 8 years Bill did you hire old people to sort through those papers?  I’ll almost assure you that the reason those papers aren’t available to the public because her emails and other documents she generated doesn’t shine a positive light on her.

I’ll show you how rediculous Bill’s claim is.  He says because he was president, Hillary has all of this experience.  Well let’s look at another situation comparable.  Let’s look at plumbers.  That would be like saying because John is a plumber that his wife can come out and work on your pipes.  I know there are perverts saying heck yeah right now but I’m not talking about THOSE pipes.  John’s wife does not have the certifications to do the work and you’d be an idiot to agree to such terms.