How many errors do you think exist in Al Gore’s “An Inconvienent Truth?”  Try 35 serious scientific errors.  That’s not coming from me, as tamino calls me a denier, but  To read more about the errors go to this link:

 What will happen if they discover that the earth’s core is responsible for warm artic waters and not Global Warming?  I’m sure someone will attempt to tell me I’m committing blasphomy by insuating the possiblity.  Think of it like this, if you place an ice cube over warm water it will melt faster than if you put an ice cube in front of a fan at room temperature.

If it is the earth’s core causing the melting, it would mean an end to the Global Warming Hoax.  That would mean that none of us have impacted the earth as much as the “Crackpots” said we were.  If these groups pushing global warming were to work with the scientists that specialize in the sciences of the earth’s core they’d probably figure out a way to rule out the core warming the water and earth eliminating most people’s skeptism of their findings.