You know him as the boy who had his ass handed to him by Hanity and Colmes.  Obviously Michael Crook didn’t learn his lesson when it comes to media appearances.  He’s all excited about being on SRD Radio.  He claims it will be a historic because he’s on it.  I have other thoughts about it.

The DJ in charge is a man that goes by Sugar Ray Dodge as his on air personality.  I almost feel sorry for Michael being so stupid but hey, he’s asking for it.  Sugar Ray Dodge is a member of the Army Reserves.  The biggest question is can Sugar Ray get along with the biggest loser in the history of losers?  I’m betting Michael is calling into the show and not going to make a physical appearance on the radio station.  I’d almost pay my good hard earned money to watch Michael run his mouth an arm length away from Sugar Ray.

His appearance is set for 5 Jan 08 at 4:35 EST..that’s 3:35 Central.  I think you’ll be able to listen to the show through the internet if you can stomach listening to Michael’s nasally voice.  It’s far worse than listening to Roseanne LaBar trying to sing the national anthem!