A 10 year old girl is facing felony weapons charges for bringing a piece of steak and a steak knife to school.  The school readily admits that the girl didn’t brandish it.  They admit she was using the knife to cut her food. 

I think the whole world needs to lighten up.  Personally the way I’d have handled it would be let her finish her meal, Take the knife, contact her mom to come get the knife.  Instead these idiots called her mom, suspended her from school for 10 days, and called the cops so they could put her in a juvenille detention center .  To me, it’s all about intent and her intent was to cut her food not her classmates. 

I find it shocking that this whole matter was not handled in-house and the school had to act like the cowards they are, all for a 10 year old girl trying to eat her meal.  The last time I checked 10 year old girls aren’t stabbing each other.  I don’t think there was criminal intent on the part of the 10 year old.  That state has a responsibility to prove there was criminal intent but I’m pretty sure like the school the prosecution will fail and they will fail miserably.  These people have embarrassed themselves, their school, and possibly their state in the mean time.