I’m sure “Dingy” Harry and Nancy Pelosie are furious.  They lost the war on funding the troops 70-25.  Just by looking at the numbers, there wasn’t many people present to vote.  Did it ever occur to you that politics is almost coming as dramatic as pro-wrestling?  Think about how loud these people have run their mouths saying I’m not going to support this bill and talking a pretty good game until it’s time to vote.  All of the dramatics that this congress has embarrased themselves with.  They’ve run kids around the media, handing them speaches written by adults for them to remember.

Liberals love dramatics and that’s why the democrats have been putting on these melodramas for the world to see.  In the end, just like the pro-wrestler that says I’m going to win, they fold like a cheap chair.  The sad part of the event is that liberals aren’t getting paid to fold like a cheap chair as pro-wrestlers are.  No wonder we have so many angry liberals around the US.  Their anger lies with their politicians and how many times they’ve been disappointed.  Although many of these liberals are misdirecting their anger towards conservatives.  One school of thought on this is that their politicians were “Pressured” by conservatives.  I’ll go as far as to say they were not pressured, they were convinced they were wrong to begin with. 

“Dingy” Harry and Nancy Pelosie will be munching on rolaids with their Turkey dinner over the holidays.