Why is it that religion is an issue that Republicans have to defend?  Nobody ever questions Democrats over their faith or lack of faith.  Liberals live in this fantasy world where conservatives are dangerous only because of their religion.  “Dingy” Harry is a mormon.  How comes his mormonism is less of a problem than Mitt Romni’s mormonism?

No matter how many times God is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, liberals are trying to erase this bit of history.  What’s funny is that the sole reason the US came into being is because of religious freedom.  Now liberals are trying to rewrite this bit of history by creating religious intolerence.

To prove my point, one teacher is indoctrinating his students in Athism.  He continuously berates the Christian faiths in his classes and nobody is willing to tell him no.  The principal is pulling a slick willie by only promising to look into it.

Another point is that Congress had a vote to recognize muslim holidays and shot down a vote to recognize Christmas.  What?  Look I don’t have the creativity to make this stuff up.  I have the creativity to write music and that’s it.

Liberals believe that a conservative’s faith will somehow interfere with conservatives ability to hold public office.  It’s assinine!  The same danger applies to democrats but they overlook that fine point.  Liberalism is all about hypocracy.  To prove this point, let’s revisit Bill Clinton’s statement “I smoked Marijuana but I didn’t inhale” and compare it to Hillary’s smear tactic about Obama’s cocaine use 30 years ago.  To Liberals, Bill’s use of the drug was a growing experimental thing and Obama get’s accused of dealing drugs.  What?  This was never a well kept secret.  Obama included that in his book that he’d written about himself.