Mikey Crook doesn’t change up his MO much. He sucks at humor. According to him, a 7 Y/O’s death is a laughing matter. According to the confirmed racist the family is all illegals. You can’t just accuse all Hispanics of being illegal, cause you have a 10% chance of being right. You need proof Mikey and besides a 7 y/o getting run over on her bike isn’t exactly asking for it.  If that’s the case, when someone takes Mikey out, I’m going to swear it was Mikey’s fault.

Honestly we should send ICE over to his trailor park because we think he’s illegal. Then follow that with the sanitation department. We need to make sure Mikey isn’t living in his normal ‘Ces Poole. Then we should follow that up, I swear I seen Mikey selling drugs and he may need a cavity search! Mikey would probably enjoy a good cavity search at 5am. Mikey could spend the time bonding with his least favorite police officers. He’d probably talk them into at least buying him lunch after his cavity search.