I talked to my nephew in Iraq yesterday.  All of the haters like to talk about all of the eminities that they get but let’s face it, their not getting anything you here in the states aren’t getting.  In fact, I couldn’t hold a conversation with my nephew because the phones suck in Iraq.  I couldn’t hear one damn word he said.  The only think I got from my nephew was that he wants me to send him some of the local BBQ sauce.  It’s good stuff.  It’s called Absolutely Wild.  I used to make my own BBQ sauce until I discovered this stuff.  It’s a hot and spicy BBQ sauce.

They have a PX or Post Exchange that brings stuff in for them to purchase.  It’s not anything that you can’t get at Walmart.  The stuff is definitely not free.  So I’m not quite sure what the haters are talking about.  The only free things that they are getting is tent, food, recreation facilities (Gym, rec center, internet cafe, game room, etc.).  These are the same things available to them at their stateside posting. 

Other than that, the troops have to dodge bullets and go through things that most of us here in the states wouldn’t like having to go through.  The sad reality is that at the end of the day, these guys are mentally and physically shot and probably aren’t motivated to use the free facilities.  They’ve got politicians shooting barbs their way 24/7/365.  They’ve got liberal nuts shooting barbs their way too.  They probably don’t listen to tv because their human and I’m sure it pisses them off to no end to hear all of the bullshit going on in politics and all of the fringe liberal groups that the media loves to stick a microphone in front of them.  The Entertainment Industry hasn’t quite stepped up to the table to entertain the troops as these events do pump up their morale.

You’d think that the government would at least give them a good phone line to call home on but they don’t.  The haters like to mention the freebies but what in the hell are they getting for free?  Absolutely nothing.  There are a lot of sacrafices these troops make on a daily basis.  This is something that Michael Crook knows absolutely nothing about because he’s never sacraficed anything for a bigger cause than himself.  Just touching the tip of the iceberg here but they are sacraficing things idiots take for granted.  Things like seeing their new baby born, time with their wife to go play in a sandbox millions of miles away from home, seeing friends, etc.  We have become a nation of pansies.  Nobody understands sacrafice, nobody understands right from wrong, hell we don’t even respect people who would lay down their life for YOUR rights to free speach, religion, press and freedom to make yourself look like a jackass in front of the world.  In case your wondering moveon.org exemplifies freedom to make yourself look like a jackass in front of the world.  Those jackasses don’t even support the war in Afghanistan.  They think we should ignore the fact that 4,000 people died on 9/11 and just talk to the head jackass and chief of Al Quaeda.  I’ve got 2 not so nice words to say to you but I prefer to keep this a PG-13 rated blog so I won’t mention them.  I will say this, the intials are FY and leave it at that.