I called my cousin in Arkansas to wish him a Merry Christmas.  I must have been feeling the season when I did this but I did not want to discuss politics.  He on the other hand was attempting to tell me I need to vote for Hillary because I’m getting Bill.  He knows how I feel about slick “Willie.” 

It wasn’t the time nor the occassion to discuss this and I’m sure I hurt his feeling because I physically hate Bill Clinton.  Just to hear Bill or Hillary’s name sets me off.  He made the mistake of telling me I’m getting two for one and my response was “What good is giving me two of something I don’t like?”  I used to be a musician, it would be like me giving him 2 of my guitars when he doesn’t appreciate the instrument.  He doesn’t like the first one so how could he appreciate the second one?

Anyways, 10 minutes later, his feelings were hurt but it’s not like he didn’t know how I felt about Bill and Hillary.  I went to visit him at his house in Little Rock years ago and he asked how I like Bill and I did not like the slimeball then nor do I like him now.  Just a little true story about Bill Clinton.  I worked for the 40th Airlift Squadron.  It was a C-130H squadron and they had a tasking to pick up slick willie’s limo and fly it somewhere.  Now there was a accident and we lost people in the accident.  Slick Willie didn’t bother to say a few words about these people.  They died when their plane crashed into a mountain in Montana.  He was probably too busy raping and sexually harrassing ladies in Washington to say a few words about the men who died on that plane carrying his limo.  It would have been important to most commander in chief’s but not to Bill.  I knew the one guy from our squadron who died.  He was getting out of the military to be a police officer in 3 months and was excited about it.  When I say I hate Bill Clinton, it’s not because of anything but his stupidity.  My cousin knew that but asked anyways.