Ok, this is a absolute no brainer.  If I start getting 40 Miles to the Gallon then I’m going joy riding.  I think congress thinks that this is the answer to their global warming hoax/scam but it’s not.  These people are dumb as dirt if they think raising MPG is the answer.  I’ll even go further, all this is going to do is raise the production costs of vehicles and send that increase back to us the consumer.  Thanks Congress for screwing the customer.  I was wondering when the next time I get screwed was.  It should come as no wonder why I hate Al Gore for his documentary “An Inconveinent Lie.”

Al Gore has never let the truth come between him and a good theory.  Just a couple of weeks ago, he and his theory of global warming was exposed to the truth.  I haven’t seen where Al Gore has responded to the charges that his environmental nuts have resorted to mafia style tactics to bully the world into changing to the cult religious beliefs of global warming nuts.  I guess Al Gore knows when the scam is over and when to shut his mouth.

My whole problem with their work is that they did it by themselves.  They did not work with scientists that study the earth’s core.  They didn’t involve anyone but their little tight knit circle of thugs who’s tactics include “I’ll ruin your career if you don’t endorse global warming!”  Just speculation on my part, but I think if you follow the money trail, you’ll find that the mafia is on the global warming scam/hoax.  Why else would they use these tactics?