The idiot blogger, Michael Crook, has once again proved he has his head buried so far up his own backside that we should be impressed he’s able to see the light of day.

Jay R. Grodner, a lawyer from Chicago, defaced a Marine’s vehicle and told the marine what he thinks of him.  Mikey says it’s free speach, I say that lawyer should be disbared.  You can’t destroy personal property to make a statement unless it’s your own personal property.  Mikey blames bloggers for this supposed miscarriage of justice.  Obviously Mikey thinks that this was free speach at work once again proving Mikey needs a enama because he’s full of it.

Of course Mikey considers the mentally challenged lawyer a American Hero.  I beg to differ Mikey, he’s a criminal who got caught damaging private property.  He will pay for the damages 100-150% plus if the insurance company has any good lawyers, they will go after him too.  Why should the Marine’s insurance pay when it wasn’t caused by the individual?  Although the psychotic lawyer offered to pay the deductable, he deserves to be made a whipping boy for the liberal left to see.  You can’t damage personal property and expect not to pay for it.

I seriously doubt that even the ACLU, being the communist organization that they are, would even consider this case.  I guess they at least have some standards.