Michael Crook wants to run for president in 2016.  Gawd this is scary since we have so many nuts in the country.  He’ll probably get the wastes of life we know as the 9/11 truthers.  Hell he’d probably get the idiots at moveon.org too. 

The commies will come under a Michael Crook presidency.  I mean he wants to completely disband the military.  Who would defend our freedoms with Mikey in charge?  He’s not going to.  He doesn’t have the grapefruits to do anything. 

If you even bothered to read his blog, there’s no question he has his head buried to his neck somewhere and you get the impression he definitely not seeing any sunshine.

Although I’m not sure which party he’d be in because his views don’t fit either of our existing parties because he also wants to get rid of all welfare programs and eliminate tax reductions for children and child support.

He proves he knows nothing about how the government works, responsibilities of the president, and the power of congress to block him at every turn.  He believes the president is sort of like a king or something and that the president has sole authority to do anything he wants.  Wake up and smell the coffee Mikey!  I’m sure coffee smells better than where your head is right now!