Mikey says this Saturday he has no plans at all.  I think Saturday is the 5th and yes he does have plans.  He plans on getting owned on SRD’s radio show.  I’d venture as far as to say he never has any plans because I’m sure nobody wants to hang out with him.  If I had to choose between hanging out with Mikey or hanging out with Slick Willie, I’d probably go with hanging out with Slick Willie.  While I hate Slick Willie, I at least am confident we at least have some things in common. 

I’ll even say that Mikey’s girlfriend (Rosie Palms) won’t have anything to do with him after he’s been owned once again in the media.  I think it would be a nice touch for SRD to make sure they play the theme song from Beavis And Butthead when they introduce Mikey.