All of the Democrats say the world has lost respect for us here in the US.  I’ve got the perfect answer to fix that.  Let’s have a year where we don’t give any countries any money whatsoever.  We should tell the world to F*ck Off for one year and watch how fast and hard they line up to kiss our butts.  Voting democratic isn’t the only way to gain worldwide respect reguardless of what the democrats try to tell us.

Truth is that Democrats spend too much of our tax dollars on earmarks.  Their only solution to the problem is to make the earmarks anonymous.  That’s the most idiotic solution I’ve ever heard of.  Then again nobody ever said democrats are rocket scientists.

They seem willing to give out free money to the world on a yearly basis.  Truth is as much as the democrats yell about the budget they’re the primary ones wasting our tax money.  There are democrats getting earmarks for their relatives who own businesses.  I’d consider this a conflict of interest.