Two of the presidential hopefuls have a reason to celebrate today. 

Obama:  I can see why Obama won.  Let’s face it, he’s the only democratic candidate that isn’t playing negative politics.  He did get a jab in on Hillary though.  He said this feels as good as it did when I talked about it to my kindergarten teacher.  Although I’m not voting for Obama, I do notice his campaign is built on substance.

Hillary is singing the blues.  She attempted to have a victory party before all of the votes were in.  LMFAO.  You haven’t won until all of the votes are made and counted.

The other Winner was Huckabee.  Although Huckabee isn’t my choice, I’m not sweating it yet.  I know there is more to come.  The final vote does not happen until November.  If he does manage to get to the final vote, then I’d vote for him because he isn’t near as bad as Obama.