Iowa was interesting in the fact that it didn’t turn out like the candidates said they would.

For example, Hillary claimed she’d get the female vote.  That did not happen.  In fact Obama received the female vote.  Bill gave a 3 hour speech about himself.  LMFAO.  Yeah, that will get you laid Bill.  Obviously Bill suffers from mental illness because he believes this election all about him.  If you listen to him, he believes he’s running for president.

Yes I’m sure my cousin is singing the blues because he’s a Hillary supporter.  I’m not a Hillary supporter because I am not into them getting in the white house again.  In my opinion, this would be disastrous.  She wants to tax us more to pay for programs that she knows will cost more than she estimates thus dragging the US into a recession within her first 1st year in office.

On the other hand the liberal media’s boy won Iowa.  They wanted Huckabee because they thought they’d have an easy time beating him in the end or will they?  They also thought Hillary was their girl and that didn’t work out as well as they thought.