I’m going to prove Michael Crook is an idiot and don’t have a clue as to what he will spend on the military if he had the power to do so.  I’ll venture as far as to say that he’ll never see the inside of the white house unless of course he pays for a tour of it.  I’ll go as far to say that Michael is vindictive towards the military because they do have high standards that Michael couldn’t measure up to military service, religion, and marriage so he wants to destroy it. 

These are estimates because I don’t have access to exact data and these are better estimates than what Michael himself could come up with.  I’ve taken into account promotions and pay raises that are in place.

I’ll break down and show what an idiot Michael is and show the flaws of his plan for our armed forces.

Item                                            Now                    Crooked ones plan

Payroll for training                       15,820.00              13,200.00

Training                                       40,000.00              40,000.00

Training facility/equipment rep      30,000.00              30,000.00

Dorm Room (150 X 12)                1,800.00                1,800.00

Food (20 X 7 days X 52)              7,280.00                7,280.00

Initial Issue of uniforms                   1,500.00                1,500.00

Payroll After Training                    60,082.00             39,600.00

Dorm after training (150 X 36)        5,400.00               5,400.00

Food after training                         21,840.00             21,840.00

Totals                                          183,722.00           160,620.00

This is after a 4-year enlistment.  Now let’s examine the so-called waste that Michael refers to.

Reenlistment bonus                  10,000.00                                ——-

Pay (2 Yrs)                              40,608.00                                ——-

Promotion to E-5 (2 Yrs)         54,552.00                                ——-

Total                                      105,160.00                         160,620.00

It costs Michael 160,620.00 to retrain someone else if the person doesn’t reenlist for the 2nd 4-year contract.  It only costs 105,160.00 to keep the individual who’s already been trained.  This saves the government over $50,000 per soldier in the air traffic control career field.  Mikey doesn’t believe in paying soldiers fair wages comparable to the same jobs in the civilian world.  Mikey’s argument is that military personnel don’t have the same certifications as the civilian side.  Let me inform Mikey that the military’s certifications are just as good as the civilian side if not better because veterans have experience.  His plan doesn’t allow for true promotions.  In fact, he’d have to institute a draft because there will be absolutely no volunteers in the Armed Forces. 

Even if someone did voluntarily join the armed forces, there would be no incentive other than training and experience.  So your top enlisted grade would be E-4’s.  Nobody would voluntarily reenlist.  Mikey as much as you enjoy your freedom of speech, do you really think you can maintain freedom of speech with no military force to back your pathetic ass up?  You will have the USA learning Arabic and the Koran in no time at all because you’re an idiot of epic proportions.  Air Traffic Controllers can make more than a military Air Traffic Controller makes in 4 years. 

Mikey’s main argument seems to be patriotism which he can’t comprehend the hypocrisy of his argument.  First off and I said this on his radio interview.  Patriotism will get the military 4 years.  It takes something a hell of a lot more to keep people which in the end saves the government millions of dollars overall.  My figures show 1 single airman provided dorm space is available.

My figures prove that military members don’t get rich.  If someone in the military is rich it’s because daddy was rich and gave some money up.  Yes Mikey, rich people do join the military.  I’ve known people that were so rich they didn’t have to work in the military but did so because they loved their job.  Let me refer to an example.  Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Kenneth Lay didn’t need to work.  His daddy owns Lay’s snacks.  I met him when I was at Club GITMO for 6 months and had many talks to him about life, love, and heartbreak.  He’s missing one hand from working in Explosive Ordnance Destruction, he’s been stabbed, and shot on multiple occasions.  He’s got a good sense of humor over it all.  I’d go as far as to say he is an American Hero unlike Mikey’s lawyer buddy in Chicago who like Mikey wasn’t intelligent enough to know the difference between criminal destruction of private property and free speech.

 Hopefully I’ve proved how big an idiot Mikey is so his kool-aid drinking buddies can see and understand exactly how big of an idiot he really is.