Hmmm I see Mikey, you had a little too much alcohol yesterday.  Let’s see, isn’t that something your against?  Yet you irresponsibly got behind the wheel (Putting thousands of lives at risk) in your “Beverly Hills Hillbilly” style jelopy and drove.  Honestly I don’t think you’d have a automobile that was made in the last 10 years or so, you probably can’t afford it.  Wow, how intelligent of you Mikey!

I’m sure you prove your a hypocrit in other areas as much as you are about drinking and driving.  To think you accused me of being a drunk Texan yet I don’t drink.  Did having your ass handed to you many times yesterday on the SRD show sending you on a drinking binge?  Then I guess your a binge alcoholic.  Guess you’ll be off to Alcoholics Anonymous so you can get your driving privileges back.

Are you like selling parts of your household (The parts that still have value) to buy a six pack?  Mikey your already in trouble with the law and you stated you wanted to assault a police officer?  Big Bubba will love you for a long time if you’d even touched that officer.

I guess this quite neatly explains the fact your opinions sound half baked and like you pulled them out of your ass doesn’t it?  I mean being in a drunken stupor all of the time will do that to a drunk’s opinions especially if they’re being denied alcohol.  If I wanted to get my hands on you all I’d have to do is tie a string to a six pack and drag it in front of you.

I’m actually surprised you read my blog since most of us believe you can’t read.  Well mostly because alcohol tends to blur your vision and the fact, I’m not quite convinced you made it out of third grade yet but that’s another entirely different story.

Oh wait!!  I’ve got a better idea.  I remember someone saying you stalked a girl and got her fired because of her DUI.  Maybe we should do the same thing.  Maybe we need to call your employer and tell him that your mind is on the next drink instead of contributing to his business.