Ok, if I didn’t have proof before that Mikey is a raging alcoholic, I do now.  I’m not sure what kind of bath water he’s drinking but nobody will agree to serve Mikey’s military requiring 10 years of service.  Besides, legally 10-year contracts are illegal Mikey.  If you were a student of the legal system, you’d know that.  Guess the only thing keeping you from becoming a lawyer is your failure to pass the bar…any bar. 

The 4-year enlistments are in place for a reason.  It gives them the opportunity to take a drunkard like yourself out of the military at the 4-year mark without pursuing legal actions against the individual.  Furthermore, NOBODY will agree to 10-year enlistment.  So YOUR military, the guys protecting YOUR freedom to be a drunkard, won’t exist because nobody will join.

For God’s sakes pull your head out of your ass and use it for something other than a drink spout to push alcohol into your system.  If your aspirations are to be president, you should be smarter than you are!  Like I’ve said before, an idiot like you will have us learning arabic and the koran in hardly no time at all.  As for my figures, I got them from a pay chart, the training is self explanatory.  If you go to a college for a year, your probably going to pay $40,000.00 for a year of classes.  You can expect to pay $30,000.00 for equipment and building maintenance and utilities.  Except in your case, if you had 40,000.00 it would probably be party time…drinks for 1 year.  Don’t start with me Mikey, I used to manage military budgets.  Which practically means, my figures are probably smaller than reality but close enough.  My figures don’t include moving people from one base to another.  THAT will cost an additional 10,000 per move.  It adds up fast when you have to provide airline tickets, move personal property, get passports, ship vehicles, etc. 

How can you debate me?  The most money you’ve ever managed has been your paychecks from the temp agency.  There is a VERY BIG difference between managing finances for a squadron and your personal finances. 

If you hurry maybe you can meet Britney Spears at the mental hospital while your both trying to detox.  As far as your claims of the military being useless they’re BASELESS claims.  Obviously, your not intelligent enough to know the difference between destruction of personal property and free speech so I take your opinion that the military is useless with a grain of salt.

By the way, if your going to be a raging alcoholic at least learn to drink a manly drink!!!!!!!!  Fuzzy navals aren’t considered a manly drink!