Even though I work on base, I’m still shocked to find that I do have a problem child as a customer.  He (Amn Knotts) and has friend came in and played a XBOX and wrestlemania 21.  They were loud.  I constantly have to tell this person to cut the sound down.  He and his friend acted like they were going to fight over the game.

One of my other customers (SSgt Zavala) who was using a computer turned around and commented he wanted to see how far this was going.  Of course the guy on XBOX started ranting about how it’s none of his business.  They exchanged more words and then I had to jump in and tell them both to turn around and ignore each other.  My blue retired ID card does pull some weight at work as I outranked both of them.

Once Knotts stepped outside to leave I jumped on his butt and explained that you are loud.  You can’t have personal business inside my computer room if you are yelling your laundry out for the world to hear.  He apologized but insisted that Sergeant Zavala was in his business.  I had to tell him of course he is, you invited him inside your business.  It’s like a car wreck.  If you see a car wreck happening, you don’t turn away you keep watching.  He admitted he was hard headed and in my mind I said “No shit Sherlock.”