I can’t tell you how sick this article made me.  This ignorant person says “Slick” Willie was the best president in his lifetime.  Slick Willie really didn’t do anything GREAT worthy while in office except spent most of his presidency trying to get out of trouble instead of dealing with Osama Bin Laden.  Five minutes with the author of this article would be all it took me to break down his statement. 

Bill Clinton fans cannot tell me one thing he did that was positive while in office.  Other than saying he got a BJ while in office.  His 8 years in office was the biggest joke of all.  He did a lot of things but he never touched greatness other than shaking great people’s hands.

I beg to differ with almost every point Robert Farmer makes in his article.  He is crowing about Hillary’s experience which pisses me off because she has no experience.  She’s got less experience than Obama!  Liberals have to resort to spin to prove Hillary’s experience because she has none.  Last time I checked, having sex with Bill Clinton does not give her presidential experience not to mention the fact it isn’t exactly an exclusive club or anything.