First of all, my ancestory has been traced back to one of the Kings of Ireland and several warriors in between.  All of them were human beings of character, men of honor, men of Courage, etc.  If Mikey ever sees me in person, he should give me the “I’m not worthy salute.”  I’m sure he knows how it’s done.

Mike’s ancestory was traced back to a couple of chicken rustlers, a few town drunks, and petty thieves.  Guess they, like Mikey, were afraid of being shot too.  Which would explain why they didn’t steal horses, they would have to get closer to the owner than stealing his chickens.

I posted pictures of my kids in my last blog.  My god, those are good looking American-Filipino kids.  I can see why Mikey didn’t fight for his kids, they remind him of how ugly he really is.  Notice the picture of my daughter, in the background is my son.  My god, look at those arms.  I really am a genetic jackhammer.  My kids are proud of me and my military service.  They don’t have to lie about being my kids.

Mikey’s kids will need therapy if they ever find out who their daddy really is.  Who could blame them for needing therapy after they find out who their dad is?  They will probably be suicidal if they did know.  We should all feel sympathy for his kids. 

I worked in the Air Force for 20 years and received a few promotions.  I retired and now receive a monthly pension.  My pension is MORE than Mikey wants to pay active duty troops for their service.  Even if Mikey were president tomorrow, there’s not one damn thing he can do about my pension except live with it!

Mikey couldn’t finish basic training and he’s not able to hold one job for long much less long enough to receive a retirement.  Mikey hates the military because he wasn’t able to make it through basic training.  In his mind, he was good enough.  In reality it’s just another of his many failures to measure up.

I’m in charge of  high dollar equipment at work.  I have 4 pool tables, a fooseball table, ping pong table, darts and dartboard, 8 computers, 3 XBOX 360s, 3 XBOXs, 3 PS2s, 2 Big Screen Tvs with cable, 8 recliners, and a industrial sized rounter with a fiber optic cable coming into the building.  I’ve never been fired but have quit several jobs because they did not meet my standards of what I’d like to do.  I have a choice.  I’m free to do whatever I want at work.  I can watch tv, play pool, surf the internet, or play games all night if I wanted to as long as I’m in the building and get paid for it.  What a job!

Mikey is in charge of a phone headset claiming to be a IT specialist when he is only a call center person.  Sure Mikey tells people how to fix their computers based on a troubleshooting guide on a PC but he personally doesn’t fix anything.  Well at least until they fire him like everyone else has.  Mikey doesn’t have choices.  He takes whatever the temp agency can find for him to do.

I married my wife back in 1985 and am still married to her.

Mikey has been married several times and has cheated on both of his wives and now wants to get married a 3rd time.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure you can get married to Rosey Palms but hey good luck in trying.  I do have a few theories as to why Mikey keeps getting divorced.  1) He’s a raging alcoholic.  2) He’s got a LITTLE problem or 3) His wives sobered up and learned the party is over.  Hell for all I know it could have been a combination of all 3. 

I’m not a racist and give everyone the benefit of the doubt until proved wrong then I’m a equal opportunity ass kicker.  What that means is if I find anyone in my car trying to steal something, I’m going to kick their ass.  If I don’t have proof that someone stole from me, I can’t blame them until I have proof and when I do, I’m an equal opportunity ass kicker.  After, I’ve kicked their ass, I will simply take my stuff back!

Mikey is a racist and is prone to blame a someone for something based on their race.  A white person could have stolen from Mikey but the poor black or latino guy will get the blame.  Mikey will call the cops and blame the black or latino guy for the theft whether or not he has any proof they did it.

I never had to get a woman drunk to take her home.  My wife doesn’t drink nor has she ever. 

Mikey has to keep them drunk to keep them with him because he knows as soon as they sober up their done with him.

I’m normally a happy person.  Life is good in the Walker household.  I don’t think of negative things that I can’t change.  I choose to change the things I can and be happy with it.

Mikey is a emo.  He’s constantly unhappy with his life.  Let’s face it, there are not a lot of successful people out there that got kicked out of basic training.  Walt Disney was the ONLY person ever booted from the military that was successful.  If you doubt what I say about Mikey, look at his blogs.  He attempts to make others as miserable as himself. 

I am respected among my peers and called sir all of the time.

Mikey get’s no respect.  Mikey lives the legacy laid out by Rodney Dangerfield because he get’s no respect.  Mikey’s too dumb to know that to get respect, you have to earn it by showing respect for others.

I get a laugh making fun of Mikey.  Mikey is worthy of everyone laughing at.  He’s a joke as a human being, he’s a joke thinking he could be successful.  He’s deserves to be laughed at in general.

Mikey has fun laughing at people dying.  Not just soldiers dying on a battlefield but teens that die.  This shows you that he is a bottom feeder as a human being.  Mikey knows people are laughing at him and the only people he will make fun of are dead people that can’t make fun of him back.  He knows he can’t get away with making fun of the living.  He’s a coward!

I have a blog and I invite people to comment.  I don’t edit responses and I post everything everyone says.  It’s my thought that everyone should have their posts added even if it’s rude, obnocious, or mean.  I will respond to their comments in the same manner they posted their comments.  If you call me an idiot or stupid you should expect that back at you.  If you treat me respectfully, I’ll treat you back respectfully.

Mikey doesn’t allow people to comment on his blog but likes to talk about free speech.  He really doesn’t have a clue about the true meaning of free speech.  In fact some say that Mikey himself puts comments on his blog written by himself.  Mikey says that Free speech is a right and not a freedom.  I’m going to explain this even though I know this is beyond Mikey’s Reading Grade Level or Interpretation level.  Those “rights” Mikey thinks is backed by the government are good only while our government is in power.  What keeps our government in power?  TROOPS.  If we didn’t have a military Mikey would be speaking Russian.  Mikey’s not intelligent enough to make the connection.  Maybe when he finally passes his 6th grade education, he’ll be able to make that connection.

 I could go on and on about the differences between me and Mikey.  In EVERY scenario I outdo Mikey at every turn.  I don’t consider beating Mikey all around a very big accomplishment.   However, Mikey is a loser and I wanted to prove he is in every aspect of things he claims to be sucessful.  He also has been owned on ever media interview he’s done.  Any comparison between me and Michael are like comparing Grapefruit (me) to Dried Peas (Crook).