I saw an article on drudge that made me think if congress got paid for their successes, they wouldn’t be drawing the $5,000 raise they got and it’s highly plausible that they wouldn’t have received 6 figures income last year.

This congress has been the joke of the century.  Steny Hoyer has done everything he could to create problems in Iraq by going after Turkey for an incident that happened over 100 years ago.

I agree with Rush Limbaugh as it applies to Hillary.  She didn’t cry at 9/11, she didn’t cry publicly during the bimbo eruptions and finding out Bill cheated on her, she didn’t cry any other time except when she was down in the polls.  That made her cry.  Also she has no integrity by staging questions, staging dissent (The iron my shirt guy), Staging her imaginary tear because she’s behind in the polls.  She refers to her presidency as I instead of we.

Nancy Pelosie should seek psychiatric counseling because she is mentally unbalanced and incapable of leading a horse dying of thirst to water.

Harry Reid also should seek psychiatric counseling because he’s mentally unstable.  Even the people he represents regret re-electing him to the senate.  He was busy writing speeches for 6-10 year olds to get the childrens health bill through that included adults from 18-24 year olds.  His comments declaring the Iraq war is lost only hurt the morale of the military. 

Fortney stark basically said that Bush is blowing up kids for his entertainment.  A statement which after 6 days he had to apologize for. 

Obama accusing the military of air raiding villages in the dead of night.  He also claimed he was responsible for the decline in violence and not the surge.  His idea is that the democrats were threatening to pull out of Iraq forcing the Iraqi’s to start helping us.  Nice try but most intelligent people know that the surge did work and the only reason you resorted to this spin is because the democrat party came under fire for their defeatist attitudes. 

John Kerry for his “If you don’t get an education, you get stuck in Iraq.”  Yes I know, this guy is depriving his home state of their idiot.

These guys should be glad they aren’t being paid for their successes or they’d owe the government money back because they were payed too much.