Mikey contends that there is a lot of peverts being outted by a security breach in New Jersey.  This is nothing new.  Mikey attempted to ruin peoples lives over a phoney Craigslist that he personally setup.  Mikey even went after single guys.  It’s not against the law to have sex Mikey, it’s against the law to pay for it!  From what I’ve seen none of the guys offered you any money.  In fact, after seeing your picture, most of them have determined that having sex is bad!  Many believe that after Mikey’s mother and father divorced, they were still prounounced brother and sister.

What I don’t understand is how is this any of Mikey’s business?  Did someone nominate him “Sex Police Chief?” What’s the difference between these guys going to craiglist to find sex and finding sex on a nazi racist website?  Mikey himself is probably too stupid to answer any of these questions. 

He appears to be saying he might do the Craigslist thing again.  Whoopty Do!  What others find hard to understand is exactly why nude photos of him are to be found on the web.  Obviously he’s one of the perverts that he’s trying to ruin.  Good job Mikey, you ruined yourself.  It should be noted that Mikey is a hypocrit in that he himself is still married and trolling for ladies who aren’t his wife.  He happily admits he won’t get his divorce until Aug 2008 or so.  I guess that makes Mikey as much of a scumbag as the guys trolling for sex or does it?  I’m not exactly sure what calibur of woman would go out with Mikey.  I’m sure on one thing, she’s probably a ton of fun, missing teeth, and owns prime real estate in a trailor park somewhere.  Let’s face it, she probably had nowhere else to go but Mikey.  She probably hasn’t seen good looks in the last twenty years.  I’m also convinced that it would probably take more than a 6 pack and a light switch for anyone else to take her for the night.  That must be why Mikey thinks it’s his business everyone seems to be having sex… because Mikey isn’t getting any so why should you?  I can answer that question.  Because they can Mikey, because they can!  Hey maybe if your nice to me Mikey, I’ll start a collection to get $20 so you can go see a local girl there.  Darn, on second thought that wouldn’t work because even working girls have some standards.  I don’t think I could get you laid if I had $150 hanging from your mouth.