Michael found a story about some Texans in Stephensville that saw UFOs.  It’s not a isolated story in fact there are 200 sightings are reported a month in California, Colorado, and Texas.

Mikey says that he can’t believe people would believe in UFOs, Ghosts, and aliens.  All while he believes the US government killed 3,000 of it’s citizens on 9/11.  If you ask me, his beliefs are a little bit out in left field while nobody is playing ball.  As far as strange or paranormal activity, I’ve had some in a house I lived in while I was in Okinawa.  It wasn’t just me that experienced things it was all of my neighbors too.  Lights cut themselves on.  I’m not just talking about 1 kind of light switch.  I had lamps turn on, touch lamps turn on, switches, etc after both me and my wife walked through the downstairs and turned them all off.  I was upstairs about 30 minutes and came back down to get some drinks and wham!  All of the lights were on downstairs.  The only thing that convinces me that this was paranormal is that everytime I was in the house I felt like someone was watching me.