Today Michael is doing a lot of assuming in his post.  He assumes that he’ll never be the recipient of a organ donation because he clearly is against the program.  How Ironic would it be if he needed a new organ to live and he didn’t get one in time?

His side of the argument is that he won’t get any money after he’s dead for his organs.  He also brings up another point too.  He believes that instead of saving you, they will off you to get your organs.  Hey Michael it only works that way for you, the rest of us will be legitimately dead after the doctors have done everything they can to keep us alive.

Michael should be very careful in his dating tryists.  I’ve heard of an illegal organ harvesting operation.  They have a gorgeous lady pick you up and take you back to your place.  She fixes you a drink laced with something to knock you out.  You drink maybe 2 laced drinks and become unconscious.  Then they remove one of your kidneys and sew you up.  When you wake up, you wake up in a bath tub full of ice with a note attached to you saying to call 9-1-1 because they took one of your kidneys.