Mikey says he’s wrongfully accussed of being anti-American and anti-military.  Well holy shit batman, you could have fooled me by your own admission.  Mikey said he wants to totally do away with the military.  Knowing that his position won’t fly in the world of politics, his next idea is to make it so that nobody wants to join thus achieving his original goal.  Mikey is a liar and nobody can believe a thing he says even if F. E. Bailey personally notorized his tongue.  In the past, Mikey has said the US soldier is a poster child for retro-active abortions.  He’s said the US soldier has never done anything good for a community.  Now he says he’s not anti-military.  I’m I the only person that has his or her bullshit meter pegged?

It’s beyond me how someone who believes the government killed 3,000 of it’s citizen’s can say their intelligent.  It also baffles me as to how a complete idiot could talk about running for president in 2016 and think he’s got a chance of winning.

I’d advise Mikey to check into the election year that David Duke tried to run for president.  He was one of your idols Mikey.  He was a Grand Wizard for the KKK.  He didn’t have a very good showing because nobody wanted to vote for him either. 

I’m not the only person to notice that when Mikey changes lies mid stream he deletes his old blogs.