Hmmm looks like Mikey is a homophobe even though someone showed me a screen shot where Mikey or “Silentmike” as it were was trying to pick up guys.  Isn’t that the real reason you busted those people on craigslist Mikey?  They didn’t want to get down and dirty with you? 

Isn’t Mikey a Democrat?  Democrats like to paint republicans as homophobes and it’s surprising to see one of their own, even though they probably don’t claim Mikey, being a homophobe.  I could be mean and say that Mikey has had 1 divorce and working on his 2nd one because he’s not satisfied with what a woman can do.  Ooops did I just say that? 

Furthermore, Mikey obviously don’t remember aids when it first hit the scene.  It started out as THEIR problem and it quickly became OUR problem because of guys like Mikey.  If any of my visitors have a problem with Mikey’s statement by all means go comment on his blog.  Although he’ll probably delete your comment because he’s not intelligent enough to back up his stance.