I first reported my problem with the janitorial contractor here. As of today, the lazy SOB hasn’t emptied the garbage.  I’ve got a bit of news for my boss.  I really don’t have to go through him over contractor disputes.  I did retire from the contracting squadron which means I can bypass him if I really want to.  I guess I’m going to have to.  This is lame, their supposed to empty the garbage on Friday and Tuesdays.  Obviously their not doing their jobs but their getting paid for it.  Everything I threw away this weekend is still inside the janitors closet.  It hasn’t taken itself out yet.  I still haven’t figured out how they haven’t noticed the fermented smell of the stuff I put in there from last Friday when they were supposed to have emptied it.

This is what happens when you hire the lowest bidder.  You get crapier service.  They didn’t refill the paper towels either on Friday like they were supposed to.