Let’s look at the difference between Mikey’s day and mine.

Mikey’s Morning:  Has to wake up early to catch the bus.  He’ll be in the cold for quite a few minutes waiting on the bus to take him to work.  Mikey will consider suicide as he prepares himself to be a call center bitch for the day.

My Morning:  I might roll over and scratch myself around the time Mikey goes to work.  Between 9am and 10am, I’ll wake up as it warms up. 

Mikey’s Lunch:  If Mikey doesn’t work near someplace to eat, he’ll either be walking in the cold to find a place to eat or taking the bus.

My Lunch:  I’ll merely walk into the room and slap the wife’s backside and she’ll go cook me something.  About 2pm or so, I’ll head out to the gym and work out.

My Afternoon:  I’ll sit around the house until 4pm and go get a shower.  I’ll then throw on some clothes and get ready for work.  I time it just right so I’m at work on time.  I usually leave about 10 minutes til worktime so that I’m not late.  I drive 5 minutes to the main gate and then another 5 minutes from the main gate and I’m at work.  I’ll spend the first 10-15 minutes of my work day chatting with the Filipino bartender.

Mikey’s Afternoon:  He’ll leave work and get on the next bus home but will have to sit on a croweded bus next to minorities and he won’t get home for another 40 minutes or so.  Giving him lot’s of time bonding with the minorities on the bus.

My Work Evening:  I’ll spend time chatting with the people inside the enlisted club while they consume alcohol and chat.  I’ll keep an eye on my computer room so if I need to dash into there and logon for someone I can.  I’ll chat with minorities I’ve already met who are really great people and people who touch greatness on a daily basis….I shake a lot of hands and talk to a lot of people.  My day is spent mostly communicating directly with people in person.  I don’t even have a telephone so I’m not feeling like a call center bitch like Mikey.  I have the leisure of surfing the internet, playing a PS2, XBOX, or XBOX 360 game, shoot pool, or help out the bartender in the other room.  After my 5-hour day, I go home and am there in 10 minutes.  I usually hit the bed by 2am.

Mikey’s extra time is consumed with how to piss people off.  Mikey has no friends unless you’d consider the gay nazi’s he hangs out with as friends.  Mikey hits the bed early because he has to go catch the bus in the morning to do it all again.

My extra time is spent between my blog and writing more music.  In between I do have friends and family that love me and want me to go out with them.  I’m always doing something or being invited to parties.  I’m respected at work and usually don’t feel like I’ve worked at all because I enjoy what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for.  Right now, we’re getting ready to host celebrities on the base.  We’ve got Al Green coming to be a judge for Dyess Idol, one member of the Dallas Cowboys football team will be down (Possibly with girlfriend Jessica Simpson), and a local DJ.  Mikey may not know who Al Green is but I’ll assure him Al Green is extremely talented.  Yes, if Mikey were successful like me, life would be good.  Instead public transportation is ready to cart him off to his not so good job so he can pay off his fines and get his liscense reinstated.  If they determine Mikey can’t pay, he get’s 30 days being big bubba’s roomie.  Maybe that’s Mikey’s fantasy.  Who’d have thought officers of the ocean city police department delievered fantasy’s?